Our destiny began over a century ago, when our forefathers first planted roots in Zimbabwe, they arrived in Southern Africa in the late 1800s as explorers and mapmakers who chartered and surveyed all that was unknown to the western world. For well over one hundred years the passion and enthusiasm for exploration and travel has been passed down through the Mavros family.

As fifth-generation Zimbabweans, we have experienced a childhood that only the unique environment of Africa can provide. We have waded through the miracles that are African rivers, climbed the magnificent and stately trees, and rescued and raised wild animals as pets. We have been educated by the best teachers; old bushmen, wise trackers, erstwhile guides, botanists and biologists on all aspects of African life and culture. We want to share our knowledge and experience of our magical home continent with you.

Our ultimate goal is for our clients to experience and know Africa as we know it. As home.



A journey to Africa created by Mavros Safaris is an intimate and personal interaction throughout. We have chosen and partnered with a team that comprises the continent’s best professional safari guides. Our seasoned and highly skilled guides will be matched to suit your individual safari aspirations. On a bespoke Mavros Safari you will be served with passion and soul by the most knowledgeable and sensitive experts Africa has to offer, people of deep character and endless stories. The days hold no time restrictions, schedules or commitments. You are in charge of where the day leads, whether it’s tracking big cats, resting by the riverbed listening to an enthralling bush story, or observing aardvarks under the African moonlight. Our safari guides have spent years cultivating a profound proficiency and knowledge of the African bush.

Our mission is to fill your heart, mind and spirit with the joys of the countless treasures to be discovered in Africa.