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Botswana sets the bar for wildlife conservation in Africa, and is therefore some of the most pristine, and protected land on the continent. The zero-impact lodges dotted around the Okavango Delta provide an intimate interaction with the wildlife and birdlife that inhabit the Delta’s unique waterways whilst the remainder of the country is largely covered by the Kalahari desert, which is home to the ancient San bushman and the desolate but beautiful Makgadikgadi Pans. No country in Africa has done more to promote and conserve its wildlife and wildernesses and this alone warrants a Safari to explore it.


Any expeditions to Ethiopia will satisfy passion for the rich history and complex culture of this ancient land, as well as for priceless religious and historical landmarks. The extraordinary and visually arresting Ethiopian highlands are quite unlike anything else and home to fascinating endemic animals. Ethiopia offers seasoned safari-goers a different glimpse into Africa’s ancient narrative.


A Mavros Safari in the East African country of Kenya, will reveal an extraordinary world of wildlife and culture that is bound to have a profound effect on each of its visitors. We are close family friends with the best guides in Kenya who have a long history in conservation and safari. We as a family have dedicated much time to communing with Kenya and its people; there is a solid reason why this country remains one of the world’s greatest outdoor destinations.


Some of our most epic family adventures have been to this extraordinary island. Madagascar is home to tens of thousands of endemic species and is a truly remarkable country. From the amazing smells to the incredible coast line and the extraordinary animals that live there we have always found every moment fascinating. Ruled by King Julien and allegedly frequented by the legendary penguins, it is difficult to ignore its magnetic draw.


Malawi is a small country but the hearts and smiles of its people make it an endearing destination. The jewel of this country is undoubtedly lake Malawi home to some of Africa’s most peaceful and secluded lodges. It is an oasis set in the Rift Valley system that we like to reserve for the end of a Safari, so wash away the dust, to reflect and revitalise in its crystal clear waters.


As a family we have always cherished Mauritius as an exciting and happy place to visit, home of the famous Dodo, a very colourful people, sensational food and some spectacular scenery and beaches and of course the Patrick Mavros Atelier! Forbes and Kate have chosen Mauritius as their home and as a beach destination it is a wonderful place to visit with families.


For a long time Mozambique has been off limits and only recently has it started to open up making it one of the most exciting countries to visit in Africa. From the 1500’s when the first Europeans sailed along its astonishingly beautiful coastline we have been captivated by the wilderness that lies within its boundaries. Some of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa can be found in Northern Mozambique, and the Gorongosa National Park is without doubt one of the most unique eco-systems we know. Since childhood our favourite part of Mozambique has always been exploring the coast and marvelling at the incredible turquoise waters and white sandy beaches of hundreds of islands that form the beautiful archipelagos that litter its Indian ocean coastline.


Namibia’s dramatic landscapes are quite unlike anything else and provide an openness and serenity to its visitors interested in a different sort of safari. Etosha National Park is home to world’s most impressive game-viewing. When experiencing the desolate Skeleton Coast and being spellbound by the setting sun over blood-orange sand dunes, the comprehensive journey to Namibia is enriching and exhilarating.


There are few places that conjure such images of paradise than the Seychelles Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is turquoise tropical water, lapping on white sandy beaches shaded by coconut and palm groves. It is the very essence of what you imagine a tropical island to be. The Seychelles are home to some incredible marine life, and it is a dreamers paradise.

South Africa

Geographically, it is the largest country in Southern Africa. Culturally, the Rainbow Nation is both sophisticated and soulful. To properly explore and understand the complex history and politics of this globally pivotal country is rewarding and illuminating. South Africa offers big game-viewing excitement and Africa’s most luxurious and exclusive concessions. From the desert dwelling creatures of the Southern Kalahari to the sophisticated wine lands of the Cape, where the towering ancient mountains loom into the epic meeting point of Atlantic and Indian oceans, South Africa is a country of great variety and depth. When Mavros Safari clients combine this all-encompassing game-viewing experience with the seaside cultural and decadent indulgences of the Western Cape and surrounding winelands, a perfect holiday is produced.


Tanzania is a rich and diverse country. Its dramatic landscape from the Ngorongoro Crater to the Mahale Mountains is home to a plethora of extraordinary animals. Tanzania is also a country to follow in the footsteps of Courtney Selous’ epic adventures. The beautiful coastline with its Arabic influence is a place to savour the sites, sounds, and flavours or the ancient spice routes.


Home of the walking safari, and off the beaten path, Zambia offers the kind of authentic bush experience that safari purists relish. It is our neighbour, on the Northern side of the Zambezi River and home to some exciting and unique wildernesses all of which have always retained a real sense of raw Africa. The hippo filled Luangwa river and the flood Plaines of the Kafue are among the most interesting of Africa’s experiences.


Whilst the continent offers untold adventure; Zimbabwe is our home and our specialty. From the genuine warmth of the Zimbabwe people, to the majesty of Victoria Falls, the fantastic wildlife and fascinating archaeological treasures, we feel that nowhere else offers the diversity of experience than here in Zimbabwe, the beating heart of Africa. We combine this with the very best guides, and the spirit of safari adventure that this country allows with the freedom to walk and camp under the open Africa skies. The exclusivity and intimacy of a Mavros Safari in Zimbabwe is unmatched.