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“Zimbabwe remains a bountiful safari destination with some of Africa’s best unspoiled wilderness areas”

“Africa might have concrete connotations of safari, but gourmet getaways await here too”

“Exclusively available through Africa specialists Mavros Safaris, travellers can explore Namibia on an off-road foodie adventure with Dean, an expert Safari Butler”

“Verney’s Camp is so achingly Out of Africa that you can’t help but look for Robert Redford zooming through the skies above”

“Singita, in the local Tsonga, means ‘place of miracles’ – a perfect description of this Zimbabwe outpost”

“But seconds later I pop up like a cork; as I do there’s only one thought on my mind – hell, this is fun!”

“Gonarezhou is an extraordinary undiscovered place, north of the border with South Africa”

“But here, in reality, there is no one. Except for us and the staff at Verney’s Camp, all day we have not met a living soul.”

“Zimbabwe offers one of the most interesting tourism experiences in Africa at the moment, and intrepid travelers have taken note.”

“We now have a huge opportunity and real purpose – to send people to the country and help conserve the experiences and the national parks, which make up 13% of the country”

” Zimbabwe is well and truly back in the spotlight and is now one of the most exciting places to safari on the African continent.”